Top Guns Building Big Arms

 Top Guns Building Big Arms


Quinn, Mike Christian, and Gary Strydom (not to mention the incredible comeback of Robby Robinson). All these men have arms that easily exceed that 20-inch barrier.

The fact that the three new pros all have outstanding arm development tells us the direction the style is headed today.

This year three exciting new stars brightened up the professional body­building scene with surprise victories over the established greats in their first pro shows. Vince Taylor, Vince Comerford, and Nimrod King dazzled

Taylor adds intensity with double sets. He does a set of 12 reps, takes a few deep breaths, then does a second set with the same poundage trying to duplicate the same

number of reps.

the fans with the new breed of amazing muscle mass combined with deeply carved definition.

Though each of these new champions has a unique diet and training method, they have one thing in common, spectacular arm development.


Vince Taylor, winner of the coveted Night of the Champions crown, has excellent torso and leg development. His arms and calves, however, are nothing short of phenomenal. They contributed to his rare achievement of winning both the AAU Mr. America and NPC National Bodybuilding Championships.

The Georgia-born champion usually trains in his second home, Berlin, Germany. Because of a biceps injury that occurred two years ago, and the fact that his arms grow easily, Vince does very little direct biceps work. Often the secondary biceps pump he gets from his upper back work is sufficient, and he'll skip direct biceps work altogether. When he does train them, he sticks to three exercises.

Working out with a partner, Taylor adds intensity with double sets. He does a set of 12 reps, takes a few deep breaths, then does a second set with the same poundage trying to duplicate the same number of reps. Now his partner does a double set.

Vince trains biceps with back on the second workout day. Beginning with resistance-free movement (curls with an empty broom stick) he warms up muscles and tendons.

The first exercise is a bent-forward
concentration curl. Using a moderate 4

The arms of the top guns, Nimrod King (top), Vince Comerford (center), and vince Taylor.


He'll either curl the bar directly up to the shoulder, or curl it sideways across the chest. All of these exercises are done with five double sets of 10-12 reps.

The second biceps movement is a curl on the low cross pulley bringing the arm across the body to the opposite shoulder, and using medium-heavy weight.

His final biceps movement is the hammer curl, developing the brachialis. Vince adds weight with each set using as much weight as possible on the final set.

At this point, Taylor will take a very light weight (maybe a 10-pound dumbell) and do a slow, isolating concentration movement to etch out that deep separation between the fibers.

Triceps training is more specialized. Since his triceps grow better with more work than the biceps, he throws in more movements for these muscles. Triceps are trained on the first day following chest. Again, he utilizes five double sets per exercise, for 10-12 reps.

Taylor's main triceps movement is
the pushdown on the overhead pulley. Next, he uses the overhead cross pulley. Standing sideways to the cable, he takes a handle in the opposite hand. The first half of the double set is palms-up reverse grip. Bringing his hand across his body, he extends the handle down and out rather than straight down.

The second half of the double set is done the same way, but with a standard overhand grip.

Next, he hits five sets of dumbell standing french presses, then finishes off with dumbell triceps kickbacks. He holds the lock-out on this for 1/2 second with a hard flex.


The massive Nimrod King performs hammer curls for biceps mass.

One of Vince Taylor's favorite biceps exercises is a curl on the low cross pulley bringing the arm across the body to the opposite shoulder. A medium-heavy weight is used.




Day 1

(All exercises 5 double sets of 10-12) Triceps pushdowns

Cross-body cable pushdowns

Dumbell french presses

Triceps kickbacks

Day 2

Warm-up broomstick curls Bent-over coneentation curls Cable curls (single arm) Hammer curls

When middleweight national champion Vince Comerford won a hard-fought runner-up award in the United States Professional Championships in Los Angeles, he was announced as the "Blond Myth " A writer tagged the name on the stocky, thickly muscled

champion — maybe because of his resemblance to all-time great Jack Delinger (Mr. Universe in the early 50's) but more likely because his thick, full biceps resemble those of "the Myth," Sergio Oliva! Testosterone supplements

Comerford blasts his guns under the hot Arizona sun at World's Gym, Scotts­dale. Unlike Taylor and King, he works his biceps and triceps together. In fact, he follows four sets of biceps with five sets of triceps, then back to biceps.

Arms are worked on the second work­out of the first and fifth training days. The workout begins with standing bar­bell curls. After four warm-up sets, he loads the bar to a weight he can do ten reps with, the last rep being a maximum effort. As he completes his set, assistants at each end of the bar pull off the end plates. Vince continues the set without rest. When he can do no more reps, two more plates are removed. These drop sets, as he calls them, are a super-intense muscle-building technique used by the Barbarian Brothers to build mass and power. Vince does four drop-downs on this exercise.

Next, he goes to the triceps pulley and does overhand pushdowns. Beginning with medium poundage to warm up the elbows, he adds weight for the next two sets. For the final two sets, he decreases the poundage and pushes to positive failure.

A total of five pyramiding sets is used, for around ten reps.

To carve full, round biceps shape, Comerford does isolation curls while reclining on a 45° incline bench. Holding his elbows out to his sides, he curls the dumbells outward, then up to his shoulders. These curls were used by the great Bill Pearl to build his 21" monsters. Pearl called them "inclined inners" using a moderate poundage with full movements and contractions. Vince tries for 12 reps on these.


Heavy triceps pressdowns are a Vince Comerford favorite for blasting triceps.

His final arm exercise is either a close-grip bench press or a lying triceps press. Here, he uses as much weight as he can for 5 sets of 8-12 reps. Sometimes he pyramids poundage. and other times he uses descending or standard ascending sets on these. All Vince's exercises are done super strict with a forceful contraction at the end. 



Standing barbell curl

4 warm-ups, 4 drop-sets — 10 reps Triceps pushdowns

5 sets pyramiding poundage 8-10 reps

Incline dumbell isolation curls

4 sets of 8-12 reps

Close-grip bench press or

Lying barbell triceps press

S sets of 8-12 reps



Nimrod King impressed the body­building world with his clean-cut victory in the Los Angeles U.S.A. pro show. Nimrod King likes dumbells because they allow him the freedom to turn his wrists and change the angle of attack as he curls.